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The University of Georgia was founded in 1875 by Abraham Baldwin, and over the course of 142 years, has become one of the largest universities in the south with over 36,000 students. 142 unfunny years and thousands and thousands of unfunny students. An American tragedy, right here in Athens, Georgia. 

CUT TO: Late 2017. An idea from third-year student and  soon-to-be founding father of this great publication, Benjamin Goren. A humor magazine. Why don’t we have one of those?

Rejoice, for we have been saved. Life begins anew.

Hedge Trimmer is a student-run humor magazine at the University of Georgia. The name is derivative of the famous hedges in Sanford Stadium, between which the football players play the football. (“BETWEEEEEN THE HEDGES”…it’s a thing, it makes sense. Trust us. Or imagine another type of hedge, if that makes it more fun for you.) We publish issues twice a semester in print and online with funny stories, poems, comics, and headlines. Enjoy.